Shocking Facts About Northern Ireland’s New Extreme Abortion Regime

In mid June, when I was sick with a lower respiratory infection, something hideous and horrendous, as far as I’m concerned, was introduced in a completely sudden, shocking seemingly pretty undemocratic fashion in Northern Ireland.

A variety of English, Scottish and Welsh MPs voted at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, in favour of forcing a new abortion regime upon a Northern Ireland which has previously opted to not have abortion introduced, in favour of standing up for the right’s of the unborn child.

As a woman of child bearing age, I’m happy to state that I’m proud to be from somewhere that has valued these innocent ones enough to protect them up until now by legislation, rather than exercise any kind of selfish supposed ‘women’s right to choose’ argument. What kind of a woman wants to proudly choose to kill her innocent baby? Seriously, I just can’t quite fathom it.

True compassion and true choice shouldn’t involve aon often almost miltant desire to kill one’s own baby in the name of women’s rights. As a woman of child bearing age, I find that argument actually pretty sick.

What kind of women are we calling people up to be?


The new abortion regime, set to be imposed upon the people of Northern Ireland, will not, however, go ahead if the NI Assembly reconvened by the 21st October. (But we all, in Northern Ireland, know after two and a half years of no Government, that’s a big “if”. )

The Westminster MPs voted to introduce some of the most extreme abortion legislation in Europe, choosing a route which would introduce abortion up to 28 weeks – well past the point of viability. Did they really think about the implications of this? Not only for the baby and mother, but what about for medical professionals?

And did they really want to set this so-called moral standard for this United Kingdom by seeking to introduce legislation which now would allow abortion pills to be given out at school without parental consent? (In a day and age when children can hardly do anything without parental consent, surely it’s a bit absurd at best, and pretty evil at worst to simply allow teens freely to take pills to abort an otherwise healthy, viable human being, without parental involvement?)


These are just but a couple of the consequences of the new abortion regime.


FURTHER KEY FACTS about the new abortion regime – which remember CAN be stopped if the NI Assembly reconvened by 21st October – include:

-Late term abortion for ANY reason, up to 7 MONTHS (28WEEKS!)

-Abortions could be performed anywhere, including schools or mobile clinics.

-Northern Ireland could become the late term abortion capital of Europe

-There will be NO REQUIREMENT that a doctor must be involved

-Disability selective abortion for babies with Downs Syndrome, cleft-lip and club foot will be introduced to Northern Ireland.

-Babies born alive after abortion to be left to die.

-No pain relief to be given to babies during abortion procedures.

-No conscientious objection protections in law for pro-life doctors who don’t want to have to perform abortions.

-legalized partial birth abortions.

-no requirement that statistics be kept!

-Abortion on demand would be set to cost NI an extra £5million per year.



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