Palm Sunday


So just before Palm Sunday comes and goes, a quick word about Jesus on that day. The original Palm Sunday

The week before being sent to his death on a cross, Jesus was lauded by the crowds.

The very crowds that would later come to turn on him, and send him to the Cross.

But on that humble Palm Sunday, Jesus happily rode into town on a donkey. (Perhaps my wee 18 year old banger Ford Fiesta is the modern day equivalent?!)

But seriously… status, transport (whether donkeys, horses or other vehicles) held no esteem in his eyes. Jesus was intentionally humble, and embraced the lowly path despised by the World.

He embraced the adulation on the day it ocurred, but he didn’t let it change him.  Interestingly, in his true humility he didn’t tell them all to wise up and stop adoring him. He accepted it and went on with his mission.

He was neither swayed by the crowds cheering and adoration, nor later held captive and distraught by the later rejection on him.

That’s because Jesus knew his identity and it certainly didn’t lie with man’s opinion of him.

It lay in being a Son, of his Father.

He knew who he was and whose he was. Crowds cheering, nor later mocking and jeering him, neither excited nor swayed him.

Simple but profound.




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