Sunday Scribe: Redemption

Redemption is a big word.

I’m experiencing a, “wee bit” of it in these days.

From a not-so-easy 2018 in Redding, and certainly not an easy ending, Father God has Sovereignly ordained for me to be back here, and touched afresh by his goodness and mercy.

It’s St Patrick’s day. But not my average St Patrick’s day Irish weather.

The sun is shining here in Northern California. In fact, it’s 23 degrees Celsius currently. I could definitely get used to this again. The cheap flights helped.


I’m so grateful for the sun’s healing rays, and warmth in more ways than one.

It’s been a rough, tough few months but suddenly the world seems a better place.

God is redeeming a lot of the shitty parts of last year, I believe, in this Spirit led faith trip.  And did I just say shitty? Yes. God can handle our honesty and imperfections. It’s Christians who can’t. (I’m not advocating or condemning it’s use – just not afraid to show imperfections). God is incredibly gracious. In fact, again and again, his grace amazes.

So, “Happy St Patrick’s Day!” from Redding, California.

It’s good to be here and it’s good to freshly encounter and celebrate the God of St Patrick and all the real Patrick stood for, experienced and prayed.

May you be eager to know that God more.

And the ‘craic’ and banter associated. (With or without the green beer).









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